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The Weekly Fisherman Show

An Avid Angler and Radio Host in South Florida Uses his 272 Center Console to Score Broacast-Worthy Fish Tales

Radio personality Eric Brandon knows a thing or two about fishing. He’s hosted his Saturday-morning program, The Weekly Fisherman Show, for 16 years and counting, and in that time has spoken with countless pros from all over the South Florida region. That’s on top of the sizeable experience he’s amassed during his own decades of fishing adventures.

Every week, Eric and his cohost, angler Joe Hector, field live call-ins from celebrity captains and guest speakers who share their local fishing tips and success stories from the past week. They’ll have friendly de-bates over what qualifies as a “slammer,” whether or not using “candy” (live bait) is cheating, and who’s got the most skill with a gaff. In a given episode, you might learn everything from how to work a deep-diving shad rap, to whose football team has the best prospects for the weekend’s game. It’s the kind of freewheeling, easygoing conversation you’d have with your college buddies, full of wisecracking and good-natured one-upmanship. Between captain interviews, listeners dial in to quiz the knowledgeable hosts on tips, techniques, hot spots and more, picking their brains for the latest intel on what’s biting and where. It’s the perfect platform for dispensing and gaining wisdom, and it’s given Eric quite the broad perspective on the sport.

“It’s just fantastic hearing from all these people who have a passion and a talent for fishing,” he says in the dulcet tones of a seasoned broadcaster. “We get to know their tricks, their backgrounds, their stories, and we get to share it all with our listeners.”

It’s the kind of freewheeling, easygoing conversation you’d have with your college buddies, full of wisecracking and good-natured one-upmanship.


The radio program is sponsored by Nautical Ventures, a popular Sailfish dealer with locations in North Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay, with a marquis showroom in Fort Lauderdale. Eric’s long-running relationship with the Nautical Ventures team has kept him well-informed when it comes to the latest fishing boats, illustrating the key factors that separate the ho-hum options from the true fishing machines. It’s also nice to have a finger on the pulse of marine propulsion and technology, like the powerful Yamaha and Mercury four-stroke outboard engines offered by Sailfish.

Eric recalls the moment when he first came to appreciate the Sailfish brand. “The dealer-ship took two Sailfish boats on consignment, both 27-footers. They sold within two days because they were that beautiful,” he says. “That’s when I learned how well they rode. We went out on a sea trial in 4-foot swells, and the boat handled like a champ.”

It wasn’t long before Eric took delivery of his own Sailfish, a 272 Center Console model loaded with features and options tailored for (you guessed it) fishing. Several times a month, he and friends or family members take the boat out, cutting through Broward County’s Hillsboro Inlet and heading 12  to 15 miles straight offshore in search of  mahi-mahi and tuna, grouper and snapper… essentially, whatever’s biting. “I’ve caught more sailfish over the years than I could possibly keep,” he says. “That said, we do love to bring home fish to eat. We grill everything. A little garlic salt, butter, lemon and lime… there’s nothing better.”

When the urge to fish strikes, Eric is generally more than happy to abide. Fortunately, the Sailfish is always up to the challenge, delivering reliable performance and smart technology to match. From the cutting-edge Garmin GPS Map system and ergonomic dash layout, to the well-equipped tackle station leaning post, to the twin in-floor fish boxes and circulating baitwell, this boat thrives on the hunt for game. “It’s a phenomenal fishing platform,” he raves. “Dry ride, spacious, right mix of features, great on gas with the Yahama engines. All-around excellent.”

Another major perk of choosing a Sailfish is that your boat will do more than just fish — way more. Center consoles like Eric’s 272 CC are designed with both dedicated anglers and fun-loving families in mind, with plenty of comfortable seating and amenities that keep even the youngest or most timid passengers safe and happy. Eric explains, “The way a Sailfish is designed, you’ve got a serious side at the back end of the boat you can get all bloody and juicy. After a morning of fishing, you hose it out, load up the family and park it on a sand-bar. It couldn’t be easier.”

The 272 CC features Sailfish’s sixth-generation Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull, de-signed to harness the forces of water and maximize performance in a wide range of conditions. Count on a smooth, stable ride that parents, grandparents, novice and experienced boaters alike will feel good about — and hole shot that even the most dedicated tournament angler can appreciate.

The special configuration of a VDS hull al-lows onboard space to be more fully optimized, as well. As a result, Sailfish features the deepest cockpit depth in its class, engineered to keep your loved ones in and the water out. No matter what activity you’re engaged in — fighting a monster sailfish or tuna, watching your lines for a bite, or kicking back in the bow with a favorite book — the boat’s higher freeboard will keep you and everyone else on-board feeling more protected and secure. 

Additional features contribute to Sailfish’s sterling reputation for safety and quality, including strategically placed bow rails and plenty of easy-to-clean dot-matrix, non-skid decking. Further, Sailfish features oversized recessed cockpit drains, which allows the maximum amount of water to exit the deck and provides an extra level of passenger protection.

In large part because of these unique design aspects, Eric feels confident in bringing his two sons, grandson and granddaughter along on fishing trips, knowing everyone will make it out and back safely. They’re likely to be more content, too, thanks to they-thought-of-everything details like the Fusion stereo system with Wet Sounds LED lighted speakers, built-in actuated bow backrests, a large head compartment with electric toilet, a standard freshwater shower at the transom, and even a small built-in cooler in the swim platform, perfect for playing at a sandbar or floating around. “Most people don’t use the head, but the grandkids do,” he says with a smile. “All of these comfort features come in handy, regardless of whether we’re fishing hard or hanging with the family.”


Hosting the radio program hadn’t necessarily been Eric’s dream, but in hindsight it’s a natural fit. Originally, a friend who worked in sports radio approached him with the idea of hosting a Saturday morning talk show about fishing. Eric was game, and The Weekly Fisherman was born. Over the years, he and his cohosts have demonstrated their passion for talking to people and finding out about their experiences, forming a real connection with audiences that continues to fuel the show’s growth. In fact, they have recently expanded to new outlets, adding a YouTube channel, Instagram Live stories, and podcast platforms including iTunes and iHeartRadio. They’re constantly on the look-out for new guests with a fresh perspective, bringing more female captains and younger fans into the fold.

“Every single weekend, we learn about some new technique or fish or something we hadn’t encountered or even heard of be-fore,” Eric says. “That’s the great thing — with fishing, there’s always something new to talk about.” 

And as long as he keeps putting that Sailfish 272 CC to good use, his personal stash of fish tales is guaranteed to keep getting bigger.  


The Weekly Fisherman Show

Posted:18/05/2023 05:03PM

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