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Faces of the Factory, Part 2

Learn about the craftspeople who build Sailfish Boats

Introducing Sailfish Craftspeople and Builders Introducing Sailfish Craftspeople and Builders

Sean Brady, Production Engineer

Years at Sailfish: 16 months

A Production Engineer works alongside boat builders on the floor to address, troubleshoot, and overcome obstacles that might occur during the build process. In addition, the Production Engineer helps to improve the product and process to enhance end-user experience.

Before starting at Sailfish 16 months ago, Sean served in the Gulf of Adan between Yemen and Somalia. After serving his time as a Navy Coxswain (he was the youngest to start in the Coastal Riverine Squadron at just 21 years of age), Sean returned home and started his career at Sailfish Boats.

Describe a favorite memory from your time at Sailfish:

“The best part of my job is that it is “hands on” – I get to build something every day. As a Production Engineer, I get to have an influence on how to make our boats better and easier to build.”

How do you define quality?:

“Quality work to me is pleasing to the eye, and functions at its highest level when attention is given to every detail. Every day at Sailfish I get to be involved in the process and assist with making our boats the best they can be.”

Pedro Baldemar, Deck Assembly

Years at Sailfish: 13 months

A Deck Assembly team member affixes all the necessary materials and accessories to the boat prior to capping its deck to the hull.  These includes electrical connections, plumbing fittings, and stainless hardware.  A deck assembler is also responsible for matting the deck to the hull and securing them together.

What do you like about your job?:

Pedro has been fascinated with assembling from an early age. “As a kid, playing with Legos and the happiness I had when I was making and building something was exciting. That is what I feel every day I am at work. I love the fact that I am building something memorable at Sailfish. There is no better feeling than being on the water and I get to help people do that. And if they catch a fish, I am a little part of that joy!”

How do you define quality?:

“Quality to me is visual.  It is balance, it is how things line up -  it is making sure the parts match and are in alignment on each side of the boat, like the bow handrail holds. Quality is taking time, not rushing to just get a project done.  It is knowing that when the boat moves to the next station, I have made sure it is right so my co-workers down the line can do their jobs correctly.  Finally, quality is feeling good when I go home, knowing what I did will have a positive impact on the owners when they are out in their new boat."

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Faces of the Factory, Part 2

Posted:11/10/2023 07:05PM

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