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Weekend Warriors

A Coastal Florida Couple Goes Bananas Spearfishing in a 218 Center Console

Center Console Boating Fishing in Florida, Spearfishing Cape Canaveral Sebastian Inlet Center Console Boating Fishing in Florida, Spearfishing Cape Canaveral Sebastian Inlet

Catalina Lee and her boyfriend, Geoff Cole, each grew up loving to fish. They met in D.C., where Catalina works full time, and who joins Geoff every possible weekend in Melbourne, Florida, where he works as a researcher at the Florida Institute of Technology. “Monday through Friday, we are like, chained to the desk. But on weekends, you’ll find us getting outside on the boat,” Catalina says.

She and Geoff bought their Sailfish 218 Center Console a few years ago and spend every possible moment exploring the shores outside the Sebastian inlet. They follow the seasonal species, trolling mahi and king fish, bottom fishing for grouper and snapper, chasing tarpon, and spearfishing. Some of their favorite memories are of spear fishing in sea grass habitats, where ‘paddies’ form when the ocean is calm for a while. 

“We go ‘paddy hopping’ - running to areas where sargassum and seagrass congregate together to provide a sheltered habitat for fish to feed and hang out underneath,” Geoff says. “I’ll dive down with my spear to see if I can catch any bigs under there.”

Spearfishing a great way to show off the lifestyle the boat brings. This past weekend, though, they got skunked. “We brought out a friend for the first time to spear fish on our boat and brought a bunch of ripe, beautiful bananas,” Catalina laughs. “We didn’t catch anything. You're not supposed to bring bananas on a boat. It's bad luck. You're not gonna catch anything!” 

Despite the recent setback, they HAVE had major success in the sawgrasses and mangroves in their coastal neighborhoods of Sebastian and Port Canaveral. The proof is in the eating, and Geoff has perfected the perfect, simple recipe for a great barbeque. “ I'm a fan of keeping it simple: I usually go with olive oil, some lime and my favorite seasoning at the moment, Blackened Redfish Magic.

The 218CC is the couple’s ‘baby’, not only a place where they can not only pursue their zeal for adventure, but also where they reconnect with each other and entertain friends. Catalina is known on Instagram as “The Napping Machine,” a person who can find a spot to relax and fall asleep virtually anywhere. “Actually, the first time I met Geoff, about nine years ago, I was taking a nap on the couch in the middle of a party, and he woke me up,” she laughs. Her designated ‘napping spot’ now up in the bow, which she makes good use of in between casting and diving with Geoff. 

But the couple really has a blast showing off what their boat can do. “I mean, we're out there as much as possible. Every chance that we get when the weather is nice, we run it out,” says Geoff. “I like everything about the boat, but I think my favorite thing is the ride. I'm a huge fan of a soft ride and this thing handles chop; it handles waves. It's a soft ride. It doesn't slam. That must be top among my favorite things about it.” Read more about our VDS hull technology.

Catalina agrees. “The boat in general just cuts through chop so nicely. I personally love going fast and just sitting up in the bow and feeling the wind in my face.”

Sounds like a life well spent in the comfort of a Sailfish hull. Spending time together chasing dreams, having fun, and sharing meals and memories with friends. Cheers to many more adventures!

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Weekend Warriors

Posted:11/10/2023 07:02PM

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