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Faces of the Factory

Sailfish Boat Builders Share Their Stories

Sailfish Factory Design Engineering Boating Fishing Boatbuilder Sailfish Factory Design Engineering Boating Fishing Boatbuilder

It takes the work of many fine craftsmen and women to bring a Sailfish boat to life. Each is built by the knowing hands of a dedicated team in Cairo, GA.  As with any treasured object, the bond with your boat can palpably strong -- especially when you know the people that built it. In this ongoing series we will reveal the faces and stories of many of the people who provide the handiwork and skilled craftsmanship at the Sailfish Factory.

Juan Alba, Lamination Supervisor

The ‘birth’ of the boat begins in the lamination department. During the construction process, a boat comes together in layered steps from the outside in. Sailfish accomplishes this using a process called Sailtech, which unites science, material, and human touch, building lasting structural integrity into every hull. Juan Alba is a key contributor to the process as a veteran lamination expert for nearly two decades.

Years at Sailfish: 18

What are the top three words you would use to describe Sailfish Boats? Great boats, good quality and great people.

“I love the lamination part of the job. This work can be stressful, but I like it a lot. The lamination process can be tedious. It helps to never get frustrated and always take your time. People love their jobs here at the factory and they stay. I have very good memories with my employees and coworkers, we make each other laugh.”

Christopher Robinson, Assembly Final Finish

Final Finish Assembly is, as it sounds, the final step in the build process. Here a boat is inspected and prepped for shipment to the local dealer and is signed off on as meeting all its required standards.

Years at Sailfish: 20

What’s your favorite part of your job? I love making sure our boats look good and everything is working right.

“Quality means doing my very best and making sure everything is right for delivery to the customer,” says Chris, who has applied his skill to the final finish of a boat with pride for twenty years. “We do everything to make sure Sailfish boats are the best riding boats out there. My plant manager once told me, ‘Go out there and get ‘em’. I use every opportunity to learn and do better. I work with good people who really love their job.”

Sandy Roberts, Administrative Receptionist

The receptionist and administrator at any company must wear many hats. In addition to making the first impression on a customer or supplier, there is a special skill in providing the heartbeat of the company’s inner-workings and holding together its many parts in one seamless process.

Years at Sailfish: 20

Describe a favorite memory or achievement from your time at Sailfish:

I remember the first time I saw one of our boats leaving the plant, and I was in awe. I loved the fact that we build such an amazing product! To this day it is perfection, and a job well done.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work; it really does take a team effort to achieve greatness,” says Sandy. “We have such a special connection to one another here, it feels like we’re a family, and I just love it!” It takes a special person to be the ‘face’ of Sailfish, whether being the first person one greets when walking into the facility in Cairo, GA or smiling through the phone to the person on the other end of the line. “Not only do I love my coworkers, but I really enjoy meeting new people. I’m blessed to welcome our onsite visitors and assist in any area I am needed.”



Faces of the Factory

Posted:18/05/2023 04:31AM

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