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Woven in The Details

Sailfish uses ultra-lightweight, premium materials in its manufacturing process. Read on…

Sailfish Sailtech Structural Engineering Technology Sailfish Sailtech Structural Engineering Technology

It is said that the whole of a product is equal to the sum of its parts. In Sailfish’s case, however, the result is far greater than the sum of its component parts. Using a construction process called Sailtech, each step of manufacturing is designed, reinforced, layered and strengthened by materials that, taken together, provide a compounded interest on strength and quality.

An integral part and material in the Sailtech build process is the use of quadriaxial mats, which give 360-degrees of structural integrity. Given that the sum of forces in each direction must be opposed by an equal sum of forces in the opposite direction, quadriaxial (as opposed to biaxial) composite reinforcement provides extra durability with the additional weaving.

The quadriaxial mats used by Sailfish are manufactured by Vectorply, a marine market leader in composite reinforcements. Vectorply has built a legacy of making boats stronger, lighter, and faster. Its composite reinforcement fabrics are engineered to optimize the stiffness, strength, weight, and cost of its marine applications.

Vectorply believes that engineering the reinforcement to fit the structural requirements of the part and the process builds the most cost-effective solution for the customer. In layman’s terms, that means you are getting a better boat without having to open your wallet.

“Vectorply’s quadriaxial fabrics give Sailfish the unique ability to create stronger parts while reducing the amount of layup time required to build them,” says Scott Phillips, Vectorply Marketing Manager. “Utilizing these innovative fabrics means Sailfish can produce a superior boat with an incredible return on their investment, giving their customers the best of both worlds.”  

Vectorply’s quadriaxial mat used throughout the hull and deck of a Sailfish boat. The product enhances overall structural integrity of the entire boat. It is a key component of the overall Sailtech process, compounding durability, quality, strength, and confidence with each step.

To learn more about Sailtech Construction process, and to find outmaterials or steps in the process, watch the Sailtech episode from our Factory Friday series.

Woven in The Details

Posted:18/05/2023 04:31PM

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