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Operation Wake Surf: Powered by Sailfish Boats

An Inspiring Story of Community and Giving Back

An Inspiring Story of Community and Giving Back 

In the world of watersports and community outreach, few initiatives shine as brightly as Operation Wake Surf. Founded by Robby Maschaupt, this non-profit organization has evolved over the years, drawing inspiration from personal stories of resilience and the unwavering spirit of individuals who serve our nation.

The Genesis of Operation Wake Surf

Robby Maschaupt draws his inspiration from his father's remarkable journey as an immigrant from Indonesia to the United States. His father's dream was simple yet profound: to enjoy a banana split on the beach and own a pair of Levi 501 jeans while living in the land of opportunity. This dream was rooted in a deep appreciation for the U.S. armed forces and first responders, who, in his eyes, safeguarded the nation and communities unlike any other.

Though Robby himself is not a veteran, his career path took him through the world of racing, including off-road, IndyCar, and NASCAR for 18 years. His unique approach involved introducing professional wave riders to the world of pit crews and vice versa, creating cross-marketing opportunities that garnered attention from NASCAR and watersports manufacturers alike.

Operation Wake Surf began as a "pass the handle" program, aimed at getting regular people involved in watersports. Robby's vision was to promote watersports and support talented athletes who were starting to lose opportunities as magazines dwindled in popularity. He believed that by increasing participation in watersports, he could help these athletes maintain their careers.

Expanding Horizons with Heroes:

As Operation Wake Surf gained momentum, Robby expanded the program's focus to include a vital aspect – supporting heroes. The program took out heroes like military veterans and first responders, providing them with unique experiences on the water. This initiative wasn't about boat sales or personal gain; it was about giving back to those who had sacrificed so much for the nation.

The Inclusion of Sailfish Boats:

In the pursuit of further enriching the lives of heroes and their families, Operation Wake Surf sought to add a center console boat to their fleet. This addition would allow them to take families out on the water, providing much-needed quality time. As Robby's resolve to provide solace to the families and friends of the heroes he met strengthened, he and fellow Operation Wake Surf board member Fred Ogrim pooled resources to secure a Sailfish 236 CC for the cause. The boat was added to the fleet in 2023, and will soon be wrapped in Carolina Blue with the Operation Wake Surf logo, proudly displaying the American flag. 

Sailfish's inclusion will usher in a new tradition called "Family Fridays" under the Operation Wake Surf umbrella. This initiative will offer families the opportunity to go tubing, cruise, and simply enjoy the water together. Whether it's fishing trips or leisurely harbor cruises, the focus remains on creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds.

Sailfish Boats has joined forces with Operation Wake Surf to make this vision a reality. The support ensures that the organization can continue its mission of giving back to heroes and their families who have sacrificed for our country.

Operation Wake Surf stands as a shining example of the power of community, resilience, and the spirit of giving. The inclusion of Sailfish Boats in their fleet adds a new dimension to their mission, promising memorable experiences for heroes and their families on the water. As they continue to grow and make a positive impact, Operation Wake Surf is a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals who strive to make a difference.

Find out more about Operation Wake Surf and their activities across the nation.

Operation Wake Surf: Powered by Sailfish Boats

Posted:25/09/2023 09:11PM

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