2019 Sailfish DC

Driving down the road in Tampa Bay, Fla. Gus spotted his 2019 Sailfish 245DC sitting pretty on display at his local boat dealer.   “After watching personal walkthroughs and Boat Test review videos, I was sold on the Sailfish lineup,” he said.

Gus has been a boat owner for many years, and the Sailfish 245DC was his fifth boat to purchase. “Our Sailfish stands out from the rest because of its overall weight and size.  We wanted a boat that was larger, heavier and more family/fish-friendly that could handle the rough water better” said Gus.

Boat Purchase

Gus and his family take their boat out a couple of times a month, visiting Anclote, 3 Rooker, and Caladesi Islands near Tampa. When they aren’t riding their DC to the nearest waterfront restaurant with their family and friends, you can catch Gus fishing inshore. One of Gus’s biggest requirements when purchasing his next boat was that the boat had to be seaworthy in 3+ ft seas – and his Sailfish has proven to be amazing in rough water.

With our Sailfish, we are not afraid to dress in clothes we do not want to get wet when heading to a restaurant because we know we will remain dry even if the water is choppy… We like to go offshore fishing a couple of times a year 20 miles out and this boat is very capable of that. It has plenty of room to move around, easy access to the live-well and fish box, it is also very well laid out for those fishing days too! Even more so than our previous center console boats.” said Gus.

Sailfish Boats are both fishing friendly and family-focused offering some of the deepest gunwales in the boating industry. With taller gunwales and a smooth dry ride in high seas, Gus feels safer with his kids and family friends onboard.  Gus says, “Our youngest daughter, Sophia of age 9, used to only sit in the back of our previous boats and would clench on the grab handle the whole way out and back. Now, in the Sailfish 245 DC she loves to ride up front and feels very safe!”

Bow riding

Being out on the water is something that the Hatzistefanou family has always loved and have made many sentimental memories together. Their first day out on their dual console will be one of the most memorable times the family has shared together, as it was the last time Gus’s father could join them out on the water.

“My dad absolutely loved our boat and being on the water. He was so happy and proud of his family and couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved our new boat. We went for a short boat ride and ended the day back home where we ordered pizza. Little did we know that this would be the last time he could join us out on the water. He unexpectedly passed away on June 25, 2019.”

Gus says that knowing that they made his father proud and how much he loved their boat makes them love it that much more and they look forward to making many more memories out on their Sailfish 245DC!


Gus’s Sailfish tip:  I have found that setting the trim tabs up just enough to allow the boat to ride out of the water, gives it a great up, out of the water feel, and allows it to cut through the chop really well.

Family Focused