Rob Parmentier has been named President & CEO of Sailfish Boats.  Prior to this announcement, Parmentier served in the same capacity at Marquis Yachts in Pulaski, WI.

Sailfish Boats was founded by Paul Hoppes in Havana, Fla. in 1986. Mr. Hoppes started the company with the intent to become a leading manufacturer of fiberglass saltwater fishing boats. This mission of integrity and quality is still at the heart of Sailfish’s strategic business and operational decisions to this day. Hoppes is happily retiring after 34 years in the maritime business.

Parmentier, an avid outdoorsman, and fisherman is looking forward to getting a Sailfish out in the gulf to take advantage of all of the fishing features, and as much of the family-friendly ones found on every one of our boats.  “The boats look great, are solidly built by incredible people and I can’t wait to see how they perform,” offered Parmentier.

“I am excited to join the team at Sailfish Boats and look forward to jumping right in to push and move Sailfish forward to become a stronger presence in this vibrant and exciting market segment of the boating industry,” said Parmentier.

Parmentier went on to say, “Paul Hoppes will always be part of Sailfish and his legacy will always be present here.”

Michael Lonergan, Managing Partner at Georgia Oak Partners, noted, “Paul leaves incredibly big shoes to fill as his DNA permeates through the entire Sailfish brand. That said, Paul and I are confident that Rob is the right guy to help write this next chapter given his dedication to excellence in boat building, supporting dealer success, and taking care of customers. The future is bright and we are all very excited for the Sailfish family.”

Georgia Oak Partners entered into a partnership with Sailfish Boats in 2017 and has committed meaningful investment into the expansion of the company’s product line, including the launch of the 360CC, 272CC, 276DC models. Parmentier aims to take the Sailfish brand to the next level and build upon the brand’s long-lasting legacy.

Parmentier added, “This is an exciting next chapter for both us.”  Parmentier will be relocating to the area.


For more information about Sailfish Boats, contact:
Camille Cantrell
Marketing Manager