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Trading Up: Moving From a 245 to a 276 Dual Console

Jason Russo knew when it was the right time to move

Off time only means one thing to New York-based lawyer Jason Russo – taking the family out on his Sailfish. As a loyal owner of two Sailfish models, he’s sold on everything the Sailfish dual consoles have to offer.

Jason Russo just bought his second Sailfish, and it didn’t take much convincing. He’d found what he liked with his previous model and knew he wanted even more of the same. When you know you know, right? His previous Sailfish 245 Dual Console had been an invaluable family resource, and now he expects the same of his new 276 DC. The time and memories made onboard their two precious family boats made the investment more worth it than he had ever imagined.

“I love this brand. I’m gonna stick with them,” he says confidently. It’s as simple as that.

The transition from the 245 to the 276 was a seamless one. The new dual console had everything the Russo family loved about the 245, just with a little more room and power. Both the 245 and 276 DC are designed specifically for
both active families and serious offshore anglers. These models are prime examples of Sailfish’s fishing-focused and family-friendly motto.

I love this brand. I am going to stick with them. It is as simple as that.

This incredible usage crossover is what Jason loved about his previous 245 DC. His family does both activities, loves both, and needs a boat that can provide both family fun and fishing thrills.

They’re an active family but the 245 DC could easily keep up, even when they’re split on what they like to do on a particular day. Sailfish knows deciding how to spend a day isn’t
always easy, so they don’t make you choose.

“Half of my family just loves to lounge, pull up to a beach front, a little relaxation, and sometimes a little party,” says Jason. “But my two sons and father love to go out for a day of serious fishing. This boat offers something for everyone.”

With how often they used their first Sailfish, and especially with how often they love to travel to new waters, an upgrade and a bit more space just felt right. Whether they’re trailing the boat upstate to explore different bodies of water, or cruising their favorite route up the South Shore, Jason needed a boat that would get them there safely and comfortably. That’s what first drew him to Sailfish – it was all in the hull design.

“We constantly have one to two foot chop up in our bay, so the hull design is most important. It’s a nice Deep V that just cuts through everything,” he explains.

The 245 and 276 Dual Console models both benefit from Sailtech Construction, Sailfish’s unique method of incorporating Kevlar and carbon fiber to their wood-free hull structure to ensure lasting strength and quality in the hull and deck. This high-quality build, combined with the exclusive Variable Degree Stepped Hull (VDS) design, delivers superior ride quality, in nearly all conditions and at all speeds. If Jason had to describe the 276 DC in one word, it’d be stable. The number one priority for a family man and captain after safety. 

His wife and daughters especially appreciate this feature, always staying dry when they decide to join the boys for a cruise. As the designated captain of the family, Jason values the nice and smooth operation that helps keep him stress-free while on duty. That ease is perfect for his two young sons, as well, who are growing in their captaining proficiency. Jason’s job is made easier as captain, his wife and girls are happy, and his boys are entertained. Everyone wins.

Even unpredictable weather can’t bring the Russo’s down. A rainy day was never a problem on the 245 DC, the large hardtop and tall windshield provided ample protection from rain. Or, if the sun was beating down, they’d have the perfect refuge in the shade. Sailfish believes only the worst weather should keep you at the dock, and Jason and his family agree, never wanting to let a day on the water go to waste: “No matter what the weather is, we still get out there.”

As an enthusiastic Sailfish owner, you’d assume Jason is quite the angler himself. Surprisingly, he’s not. Rather, he leaves the fishing to his sons and father, who love to use the boat to fish. He’s absolutely content just being their captain, taking them to different fishing spots, assisting as needed as they reel in a big catch, and watching them grow into the confident men they will be.

“I drink my coffee; they catch the evening meal!” he laughs. It’s quite the set up.

He loves seeing the joy on their faces when they bring in a big sea bass or flounder. To him, that’s more enjoyable than throwing out a line himself. Because that’s what it’s all about – precious time spent with family.

Jason Russo’s 245 DC ignited his love for the Sailfish brand, and his 276 DC confirmed it, yet he may have still another Sailfish model in his future.

After seeing the new 316 Dual Console at his local dealer, he was instantly excited by it, professing, “That’s definitely on my radar for the next year or two… Right now, the 276 is suiting my needs, but wow that 316 would be real nice.”

As Jason puts it, “You gotta have something to work for!”   



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Trading Up: Moving From a 245 to a 276 Dual Console

Posted:17/03/2023 10:57PM

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